Lily X. Su
The ultimate challenge in my opinion is to create something that makes sense but can't be explained. I believe that the subconscious outsmarts logic. I create objects that may not necessarily make sense in the waking world but may very well exist in the subconscious.

I also seek to create uneasiness. We are in an era flooded with objects, objects of use, comfort, sophistication, flamboyancy... There are many objects that serve immediate comfort, yet few are made to be a companion to our recurring feelings of uneasiness.

I like to create renditions of man's persistent struggle, of broken parts and missing pieces in cyclic systems rendering the manipulation of raw flesh. I find value in representing compromise and yearning, torn by natural or unnatural forces.

My process involves using digital fabrication techniques, the very ones that ground our ecosystem with supply to produce work that for its raw primordial subject is also relevant to the latest technology. I use a combination of ZBrush, Rhino and Maya 3D modeling programs to sculpt on the computer. At the same time, studies are rendered traditionally in oil-based clay. The final computer incarnation is digitally printed via additive manufacturing processes.